Regionals Online Testing


October 30 or 31, 2018


Talk to your Chapter Advisor for location


included in membership fee


required to qualify for Provincials

ANYTIME between 7:00 am – 6:00 pm but students writing the SAME Cluster Exam must write in the same time period!

  • 100 multiple choice questions
  • Maximum of 70 minutes to complete exam
  • Smaller chapters can write in ONE sitting (i.e. less than 50 students)
  • Marketing Representative Events (IMCP, IMCS, IMCE) all write the Regional online test and qualify based on weighted-average scores of team members
  • Professional Selling & Consulting Events (FCE, HTPS, PSE) all write the Regional online test and qualify based on test scores only
  • All Entrepreneurship and ALL DECA 15+ page papers write the Entrepreneurship exam as a qualifier.  Groups qualify base on weighted-average scores of team members.

Students usernames will be the email address that was used to register with DECA Ontario.  The portal and password to write the exam will be given to the Chapter Advisor on the day of.

Marketing Cluster: AAM, ASM, BSM, BTDM, FMS, IMCP,  IMCS, IMCE, MCS, MTDM, pse, RMS, SEM,  STDM

Marketing Cluster Performance Indicators

Business Management and Administration Cluster: BLTDM, HRM

Business Management and Admin Cluster Performance Indicators

Finance Cluster: ACT, BFS, FCE, FTDM

Finance Cluster Performance Indicators

Financial Literacy Exam: PFL

Financial Literacy Exam Performance Indicators

Hospitality and Tourism Cluster:  HLM, HTDM, HTPS, RFSM, TTDM

Hospitality and Tourism Cluster Performance Indicators

Business Administration Core (Principle Events): PBM, PFN, PHT, PMK

Business Administration Core Performance Indicators

Entrepreneurship (ent, etdm, all written events)

Entrepreneurship Performance Indicators

Online Test Proctor Form and Instructions                           Online Testing Quick Facts

ALL students will be assigned to an event right from the beginning BEFORE October 18.  There are no ‘second chance’ events..  If a student competed in AAM at Regionals and did NOT place, then that student cannot compete at Provincials.  The ONLY event open is Leadership.

…. essentially EVERYONE in your chapter will be assigned to an event by October 18…. REGARDLESS of when they compete…November or February.​  Written Events MUST qualify  based on the weighted average test scores in order to be eligible to compete at Provincials.  They do NOT attend the Regionals scheduled in November.  They simply write the online test.

Sample Visual of Regional Flights:  PDF

When registering for your events, the students are slotted into events and need to be balanced. 16 of the 18 combined Individual and Principle Events and 6 of the 8 Team Oral Events must be populated with the student names before the system will allow you to continue the next flight.  The Writtens Events are a maximum of two entries per event and do NOT have to be balanced.

  • Overall scores were used to rank the students
  • Qualifiers will vary depending on event and number of students per event
  • Regardless of the actual average in the event, only the Top X number of kids move on. (i.e. at the York Regional, the ACT lowest qualifying score was 138 while the lowest qualifying score in Toronto is 168
Comparison by Board and Chapter (Cluster Exams)
2011 Online Test Averages 2012 Online Test Averages 2012 Test Statistics (Regionals)
2013 Online Test Averages 2014 Online Test Averages 2015 Online Test Averages
2016 Online Test Averages